Attackers do NOT expect women to fight back. They especially don’t expect us to know a technique that can fight them off once they lay their hands on us. 

Here’s a quick and easy technique that can put an attacker to his knees in just a second, so you can get away. 

The Throat Strike

If an attacker lays his hands on you or crosses a strong verbal boundary, one of my favorite simple but incredibly effective techniques is a throat strike. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Make a “V” with your hand and stiffen up your hand so you can feel your muscles all the way up to your elbow. This is very important: No flimsy hands!  
  1. Strike the attacker’s throat at a 45-degree angle. Do NOT strike low, as that is where the muscles are. Anyone can take a pretty good hit lower on the neck, but a throat strike at a 45-degree angle will take him down in an instant.

Things to Practice and Remember

  1. Don’t leave your arm extended. In practicing this technique, many people will extend their arm to strike and then leave the arm out there. This allows an attacker to easily grab your arm. Make sure to strike and pull back immediately.
  2. You’ll likely miss the first time. No attacker is going to see you coming toward his throat and stand still for you to hit him. He will flinch, and you may miss on the first try. What happens next is the most important. He will turn to look toward you again. You must be prepared to strike a second and third time until he’s down (another reason why #1 is so important!). Strike, pull back, and strike immediately again.

What if the attacker has a hold of my arm? 

This actually puts you at an advantage. This means the attacker has one less arm to defend himself, and you can use your other arm to strike his throat. Use one or both hands to strike the second and third time until he’s down. Remember: Strike, pull back, and strike immediately again.

The throat strike makes an attacker very vulnerable. It puts them to their knees in a second so you can get away safely. See my video on this topic here

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You’re worth it! ❤️