"When I was attacked, my buddy who was a 4th degree black belt was there, and he FROZE in fear. That just goes to show that techniques are just techniques. Until you understand the mindset of self-defense, as well as, how to overcome your own fear response, those techniques may be rendered useless."
- Tiffany Armstrong

Do you happen to know the top 2 things an attacker looks for when choosing a victim?

Do you happen to know how overcoming people pleasing can save your life?

Do you happen to know the difference between being an actual victim and living in victim mentality?

Do you know how to overcome paranoia and shift to a confident awareness?

In this podcast, I not only answer all of these questions, but also share the details of my attack, as well as, how I moved from 2 emotionally and physically abusive marriages to a life of empowerment and enjoying a level of peace of mind that I always dreamed of. I also share MANY actual self-defense tips and strategies that can be implemented into your life IMMEDIATELY.

An excerpt from my interviewer - Hey Preslie

This episode could very easily save your life!

“You are worth saving.” — Tiffany Armstrong

There is nothing more valuable than your life, and Tiffany has made it her mission to help you protect that. After surviving abusive relationships and being attacked in a home, Tiffany realized her people-pleasing tendencies were failing her.

Through lots of work and personal growth, she’s become an expert on self-defense (with TWO 2nd degree black belts!) and is sharing her knowledge with the world to empower individuals everywhere to feel safe and set healthy boundaries in any scenario. I got to sit down with her in this interview for the Hey Preslie Podcast and give you all the tactical, practical info you need to be aware.

In this interview we cover:

  • What attackers look for when choosing a victim or home to burglarize, and how to deter them
  • How it’s simpler to defend yourself than you think AND how you can learn to defend yourself immediately rather
    than thinking it takes years to learn
  • How awareness and confidence helps you to overcome paranoia
  • What to do if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous scenario or an encounter that makes you uncomfortable
  • How to pull yourself out of the victim mindset after experiencing trauma

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